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Emolienta Lip

15 ml tube C.N. 300061.1

productos emolienta, emolienta labios

Lips can become extremely dry due to the effects of certain trigger factors.


Cold, the habit of moistening your lips with your tongue (insalivation) or the use of certain medications are a few examples that can cause dryness and even lead to the appearance of cracks and fissures by stripping the lips’ hydrolipidic barrier. In these cases, it is important to restore healthy moisture levels so as to regain lips’ normal appearance and function.


Emolienta Lip is an effective and safe cream, widely accepted as a treatment for lip dryness secondary to the use of Isotretinoin. Furthermore, its sun filter promotes lips’ proper protection from the harmful effects of the sun. Used several times a day, it intensively protects and moisturises lips. Its specifically designed cannula allows for application and massage with no need to use your fingers.


Emolienta Lip effectively moisturises, protects and repairs dry and cracked lips, protecting them from the harmful effects of the sun.

How to use

Apply an even layer of Emolienta Lip over your lips and gently massage in with the applicator. Avoid moistening your lips with your tongue while Emolienta Lip is applied. For external use.