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Emolienta Foot

30 ml tube C.N. 332560.8

productos emolienta, emolienta pies

Foot skin is often subject to factors that can degrade its epidermal barrier: rubbing, heat, excessive sweating, poor circulation, etc. This degradation promotes the appearance of dry, scaling, thin, shiny and cracked skin.

Dry feet are very common in atopic children and this requires a consultation with a dermatologist.


Diabetic patients can suffer from intense dryness due to poor circulation. It is especially important to moisturise the skin to avoid cracks, ulcers or superinfections.


Emolienta Foot relies on a specific formulation to provide essential lipids to restore the epidermal barrier, re-establishing foot skin’s hydrolipidic film and preventing dryness, cracks and excessive scaling. Emolienta Foot is also an anhydrous cream that does not leave damp residue behind after use.


Emolienta Foot is quickly absorbed after being massaged in, leaving behind no residue. It is especially well-suited to sensitive skin and to the “high risk” diabetic foot.

How to use

This product is used once a day. It is highly recommended to use it at night before bed, leaving it to act all night long. If necessary, it can be applied two or more times a day.


After washing your feet, once they are completely dry, apply a small quantity of Emolienta Foot, massaging it in until completely absorbed, paying particular attention to the skin between the toes, the upper portions of the feet and the soles.


Diabetic foot - High risk foot

Apply Emolienta Foot to the upper portions of the feet and the soles, gently and repeatedly massaging in until completely absorbed (leaving behind no residues).