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Emolienta Nasal

10 ml tube with cannula C.N. 177821.5

productos emolienta, emolienta nasal

Repairing and moisturising perinasal ointment.


Environmental factors such as cold, sun and wind, personal factors such as the predisposition to having sensitive skin, the very frequent use of fabric or cellulose handkerchiefs during common cold or allergies and the use of certain medications are some of the possible triggers for dryness of the perinasal area. This dryness manifests itself with irritation of the area which can even become cracked.


Emolienta Nasal is an intensive moisturising and emollient repairing ointment which helps restore the structure and healthy moisture level of the perinasal area.


Its cannula allows for suitable application over the area to be treated. Emolienta Nasal is indicated for the treatment of dryness secondary to the use of Isotretinoin, common cold, cold weather, allergies and other rhinological conditions. Clinical results back up its powerful moisturising capacity, the reduction of nosebleeds and excellent tolerability.



How to use

Apply to the perinasal area and carry out a gentle external massage to ensure the product is correctly distributed. Try not to blow your nose to prolong the contact time between the ointment and the affected area for as long as possible.