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Emolienta Hand

50 ml tube C.N. 245761.4

productos emolienta, emolienta manos

Emolienta Hand is a sterilised cream that is particularly useful for sensitive hands.


Emolienta hand cream offers an ideal treatment for “dry hands” by rehydrating the epidermis and reconstituting the hydrolipidic barrier and healthy moisture levels.


Emolienta Hand contains hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, urea and squalane as well as a selection of the most suitable excipients, which confer the formula its moisturising and emollient properties and give it a composition similar to the hydrolipidic film, thus allowing for its repair.


Emolienta Hand is quickly absorbed leaving no oily film behind and leaving the hands very soft and smooth.




How to use

After washing your hands, once they are completely dry, apply a small amount of Emolienta Hand cream, massaging it in until completely absorbed.


We also recommend using it before bed, leaving it on to work all night long.