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Emolienta Nails

15 ml tube C.N. 219774.9

productos emolienta, emolienta uñas

Nails protect fingers and assist in their sensory function. They also play an important aesthetic role. Due to their position, nails are subject to external aggressors, which can damage their structure and appearance. Emolienta Nails is designed to provide nails with hydration and the essential elements to protect and restructure them, improving their appearance and vitality.


The components of Emolienta Nails offer an effect that is moisturising (urea, sodium hyaluronate and glycerine), emollient (sweet almond oil), restructuring (linoleic and linolenic acid esters) and protective (tocopherol acetate and dimethicone).


Regularly using Emolienta Nails minimises the damaging effect of external aggressors on nails.


How to use

Apply a small amount of Emolienta Nails over your nails with the pads of your fingertips and massage in thoroughly. Leave on to act and repeat the operation in the morning and in the evening.