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Emolienta QP

300 ml container C.N.: 181484.5.

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Emolienta QP is a body emulsion specifically designed for coarse and rough skin with dryness. Thanks to its formulation based on salicylic and glycolic acid, it offers a keratolytic-exfoliant effect which reduces coarseness and smooths out roughness on skin, reducing scaling, while simultaneously providing an intense moisturising effect.


It is an ideal treatment to combat corneal plugs blocking the follicular orifice, helping restore the hydrolipidic barrier while calming sensations of discomfort.


Emolienta QP is specially formulated to be applied over extensive body areas (particularly the arms, thighs and buttocks) thanks to its fluid texture and quick absorption, leaving behind no residues.



How to use

Apply a generous amount of Emolienta QP to the areas to be treated once daily, gently massaging in until completely absorbed. We recommend applying this product before bed to promote its absorption and leave it on to act all night long.